Are you struggling in your relationships? Communication breakdowns, fights over the same things again and again, and decreased trust due to an affair can lead you to feel hopeless and disconnected.

Loving connections can be a source of great joy and strength. Sometimes couples find themselves in patterns that lead to unhappiness, criticism or distance. They may start to feel stuck, scared or alone. 

In couples therapy, ​I work with both partners to better understand what each needs from the other. From there we work to build new patterns of interaction that foster trust, intimacy, mutual respect and authenticity. The process can help you overcome the challenges you face now and give you the skills you need to face what is yet to come.

Change can seem hard when you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck or unhappy with a relationship. My name is Purva, and I am a marriage and family therapist who works with couples, families and individuals who want to strengthen their relationships. 

I understand that starting therapy can be scary. I aim to create a non-judgmental and encouraging environment where it is safe to explore your innermost feelings and thoughts. I work collaboratively with you to determine what you need to meet your goals.

Currently I see clients at The Couple Zone in Montrose. Most of my work there is focused on couples, but I also work with individuals in terms of their relationships with family members, partners, children or others. 



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